SR 1000 Testimonials

“First of all, I love this product, now that I have built up to the 3rd coat, there is a MASSIVE difference. I notice far less echo in the engine compartment, and the deck actually feels more solid. I cannot wait to get the engines back in and see the difference”
Michael A.

You guys are miracle workers.
I ordered 3 gallons of your sound-reducing paint, for use on my sons’ Sabalo 32 boat. Boat has a Cummins 260 Turbo diesel engine, and it was LOUD.
After applying 2 coats of your paint to inside of engine box, and undersides of adjacent areas, engine noise was reduced by about 50%. I took one trip on the boat before application, and normal conversation was not possible. Now it is!!
Thanks again, for producing such a great product. We’ll be your best advertisers.
– John G Hartong

I want to let you know that “SILENT RUNNING” has far exceeded my expectations. I’m skeptical when it comes to new products. Had it not been for my conversation with you at the spring Newport Boat Show and having read Power Boats Reports article I would probably have needed a practical demonstration to convince me.

We have completed our test with the SR 1000 Acoustical Paint on our Bow Thruster Tunnel which is located under the Forward Stateroom Berth, and have the following results with the Bow Thruster on:
Noise level in stateroom without SR 1000 Acoustical Paint -78 dB
Noise level in stateroom with SR 1000 Acoustical Paint -70 dB
We are excited about the noise reduction capabilities of this product and are looking to implement it in our Navigator and Californian models.
– Jozsef G. Misek, Vice President of Engineering – NAVIGATOR YACHTS

” I used your acoustical paint for sound-proofing the engine room compartment of my 36′ commercial fishing vessel SVEA which is powered by a 6140 Lugger diesel rated at 600 horsepower.
At first the product didn’t look like much upon applying it, but hearing is believing that this product really does work. The proof is when I call my wife on the cellular phone and she can really tell the difference in how quiet it is compared to the old insulation I had before. And the beauty behind this product is that it will NOT ABSORB OIL like the old foam insulation. When I tore out the old insulation, it was like a sponge soaked in oil – not good.
Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction. This product really does work and I will tell others about it.”
– Frank Cronin “SVEA”

I wanted to thank you for supplying me with your acoustic paint, it’s terrific.
I just replaced the Perkins 4-107 diesel motor in my Coronado 41. During that time, I removed what was left of the old rotting foam insulation in the engine compartment. Then replaced it with acoustic paint.
Some of the commercial fishermen recommended the acoustic paint. Not only does it keep my cabin quiet; it was easy to apply, washes off cleanly and seems to be maintenance free. I look forward to many hours of peaceful boating while sailing or motoring.”
– Stuart Doan “WINDWORTH”

“The product works well, I used on all aluminum center console that was very noisy, it’s a diesel powered inboard vessel and I have used Silent Running on all of the interior of the hull and now can carry a conversation running. I painted the product after installed and it seems to be holding up well. I have recommended the product to friends and a few have been on the boat before and after and are amazed in the difference, thank you”
– Paul W. – Tennessee

The product from an insulation point was great, just like painting. Given the tight quarters and all the plumbing and electrical that was mounted to and running through the walls of that generator compartment, Silent Running was by far the best option. Standard Foam insulation would have required removal off all these components and customization of the foam to install. By using Silent Running I saved the boat owner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in labor costs alone. Not to mention the Silent Running product was cheaper that the foam insulation. On a later project on the boat, I was working in the area around the generator, it took me about 20 minutes to notice the generator was running. (In fact I had to ask the owner what that noise was and was very surprised when he told me it was the generator because I was only a few feet away from it, normally everyone with in a mile can here the generator running.)
I will definitely recommend Silent Running for all my sound insulation projects in the future, I also plan on using it on my own boat when I re-power it and have to build a new engine box to accommodate it.
Jared Hickman
Celebration Boatworks
1212 E. Shelby St. #3
Seattle, WA 98102