SR 1000 Power

Use Silent Running SR 1000 in engine rooms, hatch covers, hull, bulkheads, bow thruster, duct work, fuel tanks, generator enclosures, air conditioner enclosures. Engine rooms, once Silent Running is dry and cured (dry time is about 1 hour) it is resistant to most chemicals and will not dissolve in water. Thus it can be used in the bilge, stringers, bulkheads, hull, ceiling and hatches.  Apply to hull area surrounding the bow thruster to reduce the vibration and noise caused by its operation. On fuel tank(s) it will reduce the drumming and low frequency rumble associated with metal tanks as the fuel level goes down.

Silent Running can be applied to air conditioning fan enclosures and duct work to help reduce the mechanical and fan noise generated from its operation. Coat the generator enclosure including the surface it is mounted on to help reduce the sound of it running.

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